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Wuxi YiJiatong precision machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of hui, the young entrepreneur Mr. YiYang in April 2008 to create in 2009, returned overseas experts dr WangChenSheng joined, in wuxi weir bridge development zone industrial park was established jointly founded high-tech enterprise. In July 2009 at wuxi "530" project, in wuxi city become a "530" plan enterprise, by dr. WangChenSheng as legal representative, focus on the development of the numerical control machine.

The company covers an area of 10000 square meters, the existing staff of 150 people, college degree or above personnel ratio is more than 30%, the company is set development, production, sales of CNC lathe for the integrated enterprise.

(1)The company has developed a CK series single, double spindle of CNC lathe, YTC series hydraulic semi-automatic lathes and other major brand, the main face plate, ring, set of rotary parts precision machining, which are widely used in bearing industry and the gear motor, internal combustion engine, motorcycles, agricultural machinery and logistics machinery, etc.
Machine tool's main customers are xiangyang automobile bearing shares and other large bearing manufacturing enterprise, and exported to countries such as India.

(2) In 2010 the company machine tool sales income topping 10 million yuan. Beijing university of posts and telecommunications and signed a cooperative project at the provincial level in jiangsu province "intelligent control engineering technology research center" cooperation agreement, conducting production-teaching-research combination research, new product development and technical research, to ensure that scientific research achievements have to new product transformation, the company is gradually realize to the independent innovation is the core of the virtuous cycle. In 2010, the company awarded "excellent in wuxi city 530 enterprise", "jiangsu science and technology support project" and "double" "jiangsu province approved unit.

(3) To June 2010, the company has applied for 23 patents, including 6 patents already authorized. Our company is the core of intellectual property rights has the innovation of science and technology enterprises.

(4) Development plan: in the face of domestic high-end CNC to the huge demand, as well as the country develop high-end CNC macro policy situation, based on the existing machine tool production enterprise processing and marketing foundation, from in the numerical control processing control information and process automation of fusion, in view of the high precision optical measurement and control, intelligent robot control, group control, new sensing network application technology and other high-end CNC equipment key technology research, intelligent control unit development and prototype production, to fill the domestic blank, to break the monopoly situation abroad for domestic high-end CNC equipment production provides strong technical support. Product main customer group is a large number of Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta region in processing manufacturing enterprise.