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Finasteride 5mg

Finasteride 5mg Manufacturers

RSM Enterprises offers high quality Finasteride 5mg Tablet that helps in treating male pattern hair loss all the way through blocking the production of men hormone in the scalp that actually stops the growth of hair. It is one of the best solutions for treating men’s baldness all along with mild to restrained hair loss on the head and on the front of the mid-scalp areas.

Besides, Finasteride 5mg Tablets help in improving the hair re-growth and lessen down hair loss disorders. These medicines are generally prescribed by doctors and doses are also directed by them, in order to be safe from severe side-effects.

Its best results and nominal price have attracted millions of customers, owing to which, we are esteemed as one of the magnificent Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Finasteride 5mg Tablets Suppliers from Mohali (Punjab), India.

Usage of Finasteride 5mg Tablet

  • Try to take your dosage at the same time of day
  • Read the prescription offered by your specialist before taking Finasteride 5mg
  • Take Finasteride 1mg Tablet once in a day by mouth all along with or without food
  • Only use after getting the prescription from the doctor

Precautions of Finasteride 5mg (Fenered 5mg)

  • Before taking Finasteride 1mg tablets, ask your specialist if you have allergy from any sort of ingredients available in it
  • Discuss all your medical history and avoid taking these pills, if you have prostate cancer, infections, prostate cancer, urinary problems, liver disease, etc.

Side Effects of Finasteride 5mg (Fenered 5mg)

  • In various clinical studies contrary reactions were distinguished to be exceptional and did not strike most men
  • The most common adverse reaction was diminished libido, which is quickly resolved in less than 2.0 % of men who are using these medicines

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